3 Prophetic Word For You In 2023

Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Do you know why many people are not changed in the presence of the Lord? Many reasons, but you see most people have not learned the value. Of the presence of God.

The value of the presence of God is as besteel. And you will know, you see, when God comes manifesting his presence like this. There are many things that happen in these kinds of atmosphere.

There are requests that you may have been praying for for a long time, and that presence just comes with strange answers. For some of you, while we are singing, it’s not the song you are hearing the singing only open your ears so that you will hear what God is saying and with precision, God will begin to guide you.

For some of you, you are here and you are. You are already exhausted in your spiritual experience. There is no strength, there is no capacity. There is no stamina. And when the word of the Lord comes even in worship, strength. Strength. Strain. Strang, he says, searching of his strength. This is not just an impartation of power alone.

There are many things that happen. For some of you in his presence, while you just soak and you wash him, there are battles that you are not even aware of. The mighty one, even the jealous one, will arise from the place of worship and command strange victories for you. Did Miriam not sing? I will sing unto the Lord for years strike of gloriously.

Blessed be your name forever. In Jesus name we pray. Hallelujah. Before we sit, I want you to receive 3 prophetic blessings that the Lord put in my spirit 1 is a prophetic word for open heavens in the name of Jesus Christ. I pray over someone, let me tell you the implication of an open heavens when the heavens of a man is closed. It takes an open heaven for rain to come. It takes an open heaven for things to walk in the name of Jesus.


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