Praise God. The battle between King Saul and every solver. And David has been chosen and crowned the king over the people of Kenya. Ohh. As long as I live, and as long as. My God, God of Abraham lives. This is what I saw.

And this is what is coming to happen on the year 2023. In my previous prophecy, I prophecised that, as inspired by the Holy Spirit, I prophesise that there will be a tough economic time in Kenya. And these prophecies coming to happen in. Early 2023.

Also, I prophesized that due to that hard day or tougher economic moment. People from Kenya, normal manager will be complaining towards the government. There. So I saw that also the opposition, you know, opposition placed the the important parts in in the country. But I saw in 2023 I saw. Their opposition being silent.

So the opposition are going to be silent on matters checking the government. The only noise and voice they will be making is just the voice to make them relevant. In the market of politics, but they are going to to go slow on checking on the government making things worser. So in 2023 letters I expect a harder, harder time in Kenya.

So if you are under my influence. Let us pray. Let us pray for our country, Kenya. Let us pray for our leaders. And we will pray and fast. 2023 will be a tough year than 2022. So it’s a year of praying and fasting. Let us first let spray. Okay, I am Prophet John and that’s my prophecy. That’s what I saw now.


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