Maybe we would love to call it a year of revival. I’ll call it a year of Information warfare. It depends on you. But the Lord says to me. Information warfare will be the main character of this year going forward. People should start saving money. Don’t waste food anymore. So one of the things before.

I get to the vision. While the law says will be important in this year. Is that people should start saving money. When I say saving money, I mean. To conserve. To make sure you do not waste what God has given to you. I’ll tell you why. Listen. I saw a very intense inflation. Sweeping across the world. And it affected. This country, South Africa, severely. To South Africa. In this vision. Looked as if it was a highly affected by the inflation that I saw rising in a very abnormal level.

Severely across many nations all over the world. I saw food prices rising in a very remarkable way. I saw tears. In people’s faces and many moving out of their houses and apartment because of rental prices, they could not afford them anymore. Many people downscaling their lifestyle. I saw other people changing their cars to buy lesser expensive cars because of this family. I truly became afraid of this year when I saw many people I knew had been affected. Including myself.

I saw the need to save was very important, cutting unnecessary costs. Ice so many companies.
Cutting costs save yearly by changing the cars they were using because of fuel prices and started using simple cars for workers. And many workers were retrenched as jobs became more affected by this global famine.

It was not something to write home about. The famine was very embarrassing to many. As they saw themselves living a lifestyle, they did not imagine themselves living. I saw. They’re banning fires in the forest. As if affecting many farmers. Many the fires began to affect farmers, even in the forest. Farmers were affected a lot. By this. Time. And I saw. How many of them? Began to cry to the Lord. Now, family, this was a very scary vision. It was very scary as I looked at it.

I I became afraid of the level of poverty that I began to see. Many people began to struggle. Many people, it’s almost like the struggle of people, became worse. In the year of 2023. It is almost it became worse, I saw. When I looked at the atmosphere. Outside in its almost like it became pale grey, as if like death was in the sky. When you look at the world, you could not even see life. When you look at the people, it is like the people have been soaked on ashes. That’s the level. Off.

Distruption. That I began to see Underworld economics. I began to see a deliberate intent to cause hunger in the human race. And the Lord says to me, I should come and prepare you now. I told you.

That the agenda of the enemy was to make sure. That the world. Goes through a fair mix. And I’m here to say to you, the year of 2023 shall be that correct. It is time. To consolidate your resources. To consolidate whatever that you have. And preserve.


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