2023 Prophecy for HH and Zambia || HH is Anointed by God
HH will Change Zambia in 2023 || Zambian Prophecy

Good prophecy for Zambia and president HH for 2023 by Prophet Chiza 

Hallelujah. Can we clap hands for Zambia? Let’s clippers for Zambia, the Zambian people. Can we clap hands? Can we clap hands? Intercessors that are here. And the prayer warriors that are here, I’ve got a word for the nation of Zambia in the Zambian president, which I was given by the Lord. From Isaiah 41 we are going to read. But I want to tell you the vision that I saw now what I saw is this. When I was praying was this days I’m just praying for Africa and when I was praying for Zambia.

The Lord showed me the President of Zambia, the current one, I think they call him H, the one that is there. So he was standing inside Zambia, but it was in Lusaka, in the capital city, and by their parliament, by a parliament somewhere there, some government offices. When I looked at them as he was standing there, he had about five people that he was standing with. Way behind him, what happened was a bowel was given to him. And it was a golden barrel. And inside that bowl there were four hard stones, 4 stones that were inside. And then he was given a threshing sledge. That one, that is teeth.

I don’t know if you know what is called a threshing sledge. The ones that in the old times they used to to thrash hard stones like diamond or so, something very hard. So they were. So he was given that threshing, threshing stone. It was a threshing sledge that was in his hand. And you started grinding. The four stones that were inside that golden barrel and they became powder. And when they became powder like that, a wind came. And blue. That powder. It was just like in a wind, very strong wind that came in blue because he had grinded those stones into chaff, into a powder like substance which was like flower but they were very hard stone.

So I I didn’t understand how with a hand in ordinary hand the President of Zambia was able to grind those headstones because they need a stamp mill like those stamp mills that you find on minds. On the gold mines there when they are extracting gold from stones, you know those big hammers, this temp mills that crushed stones because that was how hard these stones were. But he was able to crush the stones with his hand with his or using that threshing sledge instrument that was in his end and the wind came and blew it away when when the the powder went on the ground of Zambia rain. Him. It was a very heavy rain that came. And then the land over Zambia produced green grass, was green grass that in the trees and fruit trees of different kinds.

And then I started seeing the people of Zambia picking those fruit trees. But now to my surprise, when I then looked. The trees. That were there when I counted. They were they were 23 * 23 trees that were there 23 when I counted. There were 23 types of trees in that vision. And then the Lord said to me. This which you are seeing. Is events that are going to happen in 2023. But it’s beginning, end of this year. The Lord said. I’m going to give anointing to the President of Zambia. I have poured an oil upon him. India is going to crash the four areas that have been holding Zambia for a very long time.

There are four areas and there is a lot of corruption. In those four areas in Zambia, that is there. So God was saying I’m giving him. Eyes to open his eyes to crush those Stony areas of Zambia was Zambia is head good. Presidents long bear from from time back. But they have not managed to to crush those areas, so the Lord said, I’m going to use this man. Zambia is going to see some some significant breakthroughs in those four areas and he is being anointed by God. To crush those hard areas, to remove corruption from Zambia and also to bring some significant tangible breakthroughs and the Zambian people are going to be fruitful and the economy of Zambia in 2023, you are going to start to see significant changes towards fruitfulness. It’s going to be. It it country.

That would be very progressive in a serious way starting in 2023. And I saw a lot of people now crossing into Zambia from other nations also to go and eat those 23 fruits. So it was like people were now going to Zambia, many people looking for jobs there, and the economy of Zambia was beginning to show signs. Or for real development from where they are today. Real development that is really tangible, though it was not very fast, but it was significant. It was very significant that they could detach that in this area there is now progress, in this area there is no progress and the Lord said they must also pray.


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