God does not only want to give miracles signs and wonders. He wants to call you to the inner chambers of the spirit and say, let me show you how miracles happen. Let me show you how results happen in this Kingdom. Listen, look up. Do you know why stories in the Bible are so long and every detail is captured is not just the result God wants you to see. He wants you to study how the results happen. The things that are written are four time.

The Bible says they are for our learning so that we, through the comfort of Scripture, might find hope. And hope makes not a shame. As a man of God, I can pray for you, be healed, be blessed. May your church expand, may you increase. You will be afraid of that result, and then you will not be able to mentor and raise orders because you don’t even understand the dynamics of that result. So the word of God teaches us the methodologies of the Kingdom, like a chef calling you into the kitchen and say, let me teach you how this mysterious food that you see, let me break it down.

First, you start with water. Don’t worry whether I’m right or wrong. Second, you start with whatever. Third, you start with this and then leave this for 5 minutes. Then you make it make a few mistakes. It said no problem, let’s do it again. They are not just teaching you to eat, they are teaching you how to cook. Well, there are women here. Even if they want to cook for 1000 people, you are not afraid because of mastery. You understand how to do this thing. You are not afraid. Listen to me. We become matured and we become masters in this Kingdom when we are able to handle the world of truth, when we understand the dynamics of how results happen in the Kingdom. So if someone comes for counselling as a mature believer, not just a man of God. I said mature believer you can immediately diagnose his problem and you can recommend it like a doctor when you are speaking to a doctor.

Doctor. I started shivering this morning, then I had headache, then joint pains. He starts laughing because there is master, he has he. He was not just taught how to administer drugs, he was taken to a class and shown that these symptoms mean this. So while you are talking he can even be making a call while he’s listening to you. That’s how much he has gained mastery and he would recommend the drug and not call you up. Cheque up on you. He saw that you’ll be fine. Two days after taking that drug you said Doctor said don’t worry, just keep taking it and after five days you are running around playing football mastery. When you understand this someone can come and say poverty is destroying my family and now you are a blessing.

You will say I know, carry your pen and paper, write the following scriptures. I know what is wrong and I know how you are not a blessing if you do not know the ways of God. You can be able to help people in a methodical way. Mentorship is based on this body of truth that lifts believers. There is a methodical approach to the growth and the maturity of the sales. This is what doctrine is all about. The cost curriculum that makes for the growth of the Saints is called doctrine. Are you learning anything tonight? Apostle I know God works miracles, but I don’t know why I don’t see it in my life. The word of God can teach you how miracles happen. Apostle I know God favours, but I’ve never seen this favour in my life. The word of God has come.

Don’t look at the result. Let me show you how it happened. I know the word of God can impact it, but I don’t know how it is. Then he says let me use a figure. Look on to Abraham, your father. Understudying understudy Esther to learn favour. Understudy Abraham to learn faith. Understudy Elijah to learn prayer. Portraits that lead to exact spiritual results. You can study them and learn. Apostle, what I have is not enough. I know that what I have is not enough. You go to the word of God. What did Jesus do with what is not enough? Number one, he gave thanks. So stop complaining.

Any anytime you complain about what is not enough, you have killed the potential for increase. Are you seeing how the word of God cultures us now? Ohh apostle. There’s no. I don’t have this enough. I don’t. No, no, no, no, no, no. Give thanks. Give thanks. Lord, I thank you that I even have the fees for one of my child. I know that I need for five of them, but you are the one who has given me this one and I am grateful. And God says this is for me.

Now you are ready to turn your five loaf and your two fish to feed 5000 people this formula. So those who are thankful, dancing and celebrating God every time, there may not be anything at home and yet they are rejoicing. You see them testifying miracles upon miracles because they are engaging and exact spiritual formula. Please look at me. One of the major reasons why we press for the word of God is because we want to know how God operates. You are a man of God here. You are trusting God for increase. Maybe in your in your church you are trusting God for increased greater souls. You go back.

How did increase happen in the Kingdom? The formula again and I if I be lifted up from the earth I will draw Falcon plant Apollo can water, but increases exclusively of God. So the more Jesus is revealed and lifted in your life and in your congregation, then you see that he will begin to draw men. Are you seeing how this thing works? Question. Now that you are seated here, if you look at your life, you see the gaps in your results. You must go to the Bible. I am, I seem not to be prayerful.

My prayer life seems to have died. Don’t feel discouraged. You go to Scripture, you such. Where did resurrection happen? As far as someone’s prayer, life is concerned, I don’t know. If prayer is powerful, go to scripture and find out. Two instances to show you the power of prayer. Number one, Isaiah 18. Hezekiah who turned a verdict. God’s own verdict. Nobody in that rendition was fake. The Prophet was real, God was real. The verdict was true. Yet prayer changed it so.


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