4 habits that keep godly men weak the Bible is truth. The Bible is true truth.
It was not a book written by men. If the Bible was written by men, it would be pretty obvious because men would not expose their shortcomings, failures and faults. Men would make themselves look like the hero and cover up all their mistakes and shortcomings. However, the Bible is God breathed and it is written for our understanding. Being a godly man requires conscious and deliberate actions. It is a lifelong process. The truth is that there are habits.
That are detrimental to living a godly life. I was watching a mixed martial arts fighter prepare for a fight and when preparing for this fight he goes through a 12 week training camp and during this 12 week training camp he goes through a gruelling training schedule and he said something which I think also can be applied to Christians and that is during training camp there are things he avoids because they are not beneficial for peak athletic performance. Some of the things mentioned.
For alcohol and staying up late, the same principles can be used for us Christians. For Christians, there are things we need to avoid for us not to grieve the Holy Spirit and for us to live godly lives.

Habit 1.
Chasing women.

One of the subtle ways the devil hunts for godly men is to tempt them with women. He knows there is usually a natural force of attraction between a man and a woman, so the devil wants to leverage that natural attraction and make godly men fall into the sin of fornication and adultery.
The Bible has several examples of great men of God who have fallen into this trap. Look at Sampson, a man literally described as the strongest man in the Bible, and he was brought down by his need of chasing women. Sampson was no ordinary man by any stretch of the imagination. This is a man who killed 1000 men, yet he was brought down by his need to chase women. The pursuit of women was the habit that destroyed his great destiny.
He died in his prime and his son set while it was yet day. There are some quote holier than thou men who believe that they are above sexual sin and sexual temptation. And I always think to myself, are you really do you really think that you are above men who wrote the Bible? And there is a wonderful quote that I’ve heard multiple times. It states quote if you think you can’t fall into sexual sin, then you are godlier than David, stronger than Sampson.
And wiser than Solomon.
Are you godlier than David? Are you wiser than Solomon?
We live in a society that’s somewhat glorifies men with multiple women. However, allow me to be clear. No good can come from you chasing a woman who is not your wife. God does not bless affairs.
God does not bless leaving one marriage to chase another woman.
Godliness and a promiscuous lifestyle do not go hand in hand. You can’t go before the Lord and pray with a clean mind and clean heart after you spent the week playing musical beds, fornicating and committing adultery. Godliness and a promiscuous lifestyle do not go hand in hand.
And I am preaching this sermon from a place of experience, of what I have seen over the years. I have seen promising people ruin their lives because they couldn’t stop chasing after women. Rather than being content with the wife God had blessed them with, they were too focused on the newest attraction. The biggest lie Satan sells in relationships is the grass is greener on the other side. No, it’s not. The grass is not greener on the other side.
You have no idea, no idea what is in that grass, water your own grass. Nurture your own relationship and drink water from your own fountain.

Habit 2 chasing pleasure.

Nothing quite makes a godly man weak and a godly man that loves pleasure.
First Timothy Chapter 5, verse six. But she or he that liveth in pleasure is dead while she or he liveth.
Although this passage was a direct message to women, it applies also to men.
Any man that gives himself to pleasure is dead while he lives. In other words, such a man is The Walking Dead. This may seem untrue until you view it through spiritual lenses. The more you chase pleasure, the weaker your spiritual life becomes. Have you not read in scripture that our spirit and the flesh are in constant battle?
Pleasure allows you to feed your flesh to the detriment of your spirit.
Chasing pleasure is not limited to seeking sexual immorality outside of marriage. If you overfeed yourself or sleep excessively, as a man you are chasing pleasure and that will weaken your spiritual life. Allow me to be direct. Watching immoral videos on the Internet when no one around is pleasure seeking. Doing drugs is pleasure seeking, gambling is pleasure seeking. Going places you should not go is pleasure seeking.
Self gratification is pleasure seeking.
Pleasure seeking makes a godly man weak. It steals your strength.
I have never found any fervent Christian who pursues the pleasures of this world and still maintains his relationship with the Lord.
Pleasures are like thorns that choke up godliness and spirituality. Be cautious of events that take you away from God and avoid them by all possible means. I remember a young man who had a problem with watching immoral videos on the Internet when no one was around. He had been in this bondage for 15 years, and he said to me, Pastor, I can’t pray anymore. Any time I try to pray and any time I close my eyes in prayer, I see.
Images I see the videos of the porn I have been watching.
Pleasure seeking this young man who was once able to pray freely but was unable to do so because pleasure seeking makes godly men weak. Satan had a stronghold in his life. Remember the words of the Bible, Ephesians, chapter 4, verse 27. Neither give place to the devil. A stronghold was now in this young man’s life. His mind was now corrupted by the things he watched. There are those Christians who preach a God.



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